Jar Body} Ambassadors


At Jar we LOVE to hear real feedback and thoughts on our products!

We have however had awesome feedback from 3 Jar lovers who we have decided to formerly announce as ‘Jar Ambassadors’. We send them our products to trial and share their thoughts on their favourites!

Their role is to enjoy Jar products, share some photos and appear at Jar events!

You will meet our Jar Ambassadors in 3 blog posts:


Firstly, we introduce ASHLEIGH JADE!!

Ash just blogged about JAR on her very active website/blog – click here to see her review


Ashleigh is a self-confessed ‘Serial Pageant Competitor’ from Perth, Western Australia and has over 50 titles under her belt. Participating in swimsuit competitions has allowed Ashleigh to travel the world and experience what life has to offer, all whilst sharing her journey with her strong following on social media hoping to inspire those to also follow their dreams.

Ashleigh’s life mantra is to “never let your past be an excuse of your future”, making sure she lives life with a positive and open mind. “By not allowing other peoples doubt to affect your mind set, allows so many more opportunities to come your way, there is no reason why you can’t achieve whatever it is that you set out to do in life”.
If there’s one thing Ashleigh can’t live without its music and she hopes to learn to DJ within the next year. Her ultimate goal would be to take out an international title and land a hosting role on television.

IMAGES: by Alex Howell

Ashleigh Facebook

Ashleigh Website



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